Combust Venus from 16th February
Friday, February 19, 2021
On the 16th of February, Venus went combust – blocking it’s influence from our lives. When a planet is combust, it has travelled too close to the sun and is being overwhelmed by the Sun’s power. The celestial light pouring out of the Sun completely envelops the planet and makes it seem invisible. For this transit, Venus combust lasts roughly two month from mid-February to mid-April. This is a long transit that will need patience and understanding to overcome.

With Venus seemingly gone from the night sky, the romance sector of your life will be significantly affected. Now is a time where love is blinded and drowned out. In this phase, people often lose sight of what is in front of them. They might devalue someone’s importance, overlook someone’s true nature, or miss a golden opportunity. Feelings of dissatisfaction are mighty during this transit. Since Venus is the planet of love and luxury, all things related to that will feel as if they have vanished from your life. You might feel unloved, even if there is love all around you. You might feel bare, even if there is glamour surrounding you. As a result, you will feel the need to compensate for what is ‘missing’. Now is a time where people act in dramatic ways in order to gain attention from their partners or love interests. It is also a time of financial instability since people splurge and shop more than they normally would to offset a lack of luxury.

If you are single, Venus combust can make it difficult to find a potential partner. It will seem as if there are no sparks flying and there will be a complete loss of the excitedness that usually comes with dating. To overcome this, it’s important to remind yourself of who is significant in your life. You do not want to underappreciate someone or throw away what good you have now. Doing this will make it easy for potential relationships to be squashed.

If you are in a relationship, then now is a time to watch out for self-obsession. The Sun is associated with your external nature and your ego. When Venus gets too close to the Sun, ego can kill love. You might feel a loss of passion in your relationship and arguments might seem to be around every corner. This is a very tumultuous time for couples, but it can be overcome! During this transit, let go of arrogance. You do not need to always be right or have the last word. Be judicious about what fights you take up. Is it really worth the negative emotion? Overall, apply your rational mind and avoid allowing confrontations to blow up. Navigate this period slowly, with a lot of thought.
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